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A Legend Has Died

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Champion bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty. The best bodybuilder, best brother, best son and best friend has died at the age of 47.

The bodybuilding legend was given a hero’s funeral on March 21, 2013. (He passed away on the 20th of March.)
The Egyptian Secret Service provided the family with a beautiful ceremony accompanying him to the El Sonbaty family grave in Cairo, Egypt.

– Iman El Sonbaty

Nasser and Sherief in Cairo, Egypt

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One of the last photos of Nasser, taken about a month ago at a gym in Cairo, Egypt.

Nasser’s Death Confirmed

// March 24th, 2013 // 20 Comments » // News

After much research, I have confirmed that Nasser passed away. He died in his sleep on Wednesday afternoon March 20th in Cairo, Egypt. My source (Nasser’s Family and a mutual friend) informed me that funeral services were held the following day on Thursday and was a traditional Muslim ceremony in Egypt. (no autopsy was performed).

Stay tuned for more details, if they become available.

Nasser at the JuiceBar

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Nasser at Juice Bar

Nasser enjoys a protein shake after a heavy workout.

Frank and Nasser

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Frank and Nasser at UBG.

G, Sato and Kuma

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Fiesta Island Beach

G, Sato and Kuma on Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA.

K and SaKu at the Beach

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"K" with SaKu at the beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

Nasser and Miss Sato

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Nasser and Miss Sato

Nasser and Miss Sato at snowy Mount Laguna, CA.

Mr. Kuma

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Mr. Kuma visits the pet store.

Alex23 and Nasser

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Nasser and Alex23

Alex 23 and Nasser @ the coffee shop.